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投稿日時 2010年11月17日(水)03:54
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Kosuke Okusa, Toshinari Kamakura:
Statistical classification algorithm for infrasonic frequency multivariate time-series data with application to human activity recognition.

Itsuki Uemizo, Kosuke Okusa, Toshinari Kamakura:
An application of the sound recognition technique to the human action acknowledgment.

Taishi Watabe, Toshinari Kamakura:
Localization algorithm in indoor environment based on the ToA data.

Tokiko Shimizu, Toru Ogura, Toshinari Kamakura:
A study on cluster analysis for order-restricted data with application to episodic memory data analysis.

Toshinari Kamakura:
Testing the slope parameter for the logistic model in case of high or low success probabilities.

Toru Ogura, Toshinari Kamakura:
Method of multiple imputation for canonical correlation analysis with missing observations.