Proposal of a Modulated Extended Cumulative Exposure Model for the Step-Up Voltage Test
Sakumura, Takenori - Chuo University
Kamakura, Toshinari - Chuo University
The extended cumulative exposure model (ECEM) includes features of the cumulative exposure model (CEM) and the memoryless model (MM). These often used to express the failure probability model in step-stress accelerated life test (SSALT). The CEM is widely accepted in reliability fields because accumulation of fatigue is considered to be reasonable. The MM is also used in electrical engineering because accumulation of fatigue is not observed in some cases. The ECEM includes features of both models. In this paper, we propose a modulated ECEM model based on the time-scale. We show the estimability of the parameters using simulation study. In addition, we apply the proposed model to a step-stress test result as an experimental case.
Cumulative exposure model; Extended cumulative exposure model; Maximum likelihood estimation; Memoryless model; Step-stress accelerated life test; Time-scale; Weibull power law model;
Ao SI., Kim H., Amouzegar M. (eds) Transactions on Engineering Technologies. WCECS 2015. Springer, Singapore, Chapter 25, Pages 349-363, 2017