Testing for Uniformity of Line Segments
Yoshitomo Akimoto - Chuo University
Sakumura, Takenori - Chuo University
Kamakura, Toshinari - Chuo University
The directional tests consider the sample on [0; 2π) although the angular data of line segments are on [0; π). We will derive the LM test statistic for the conditional von Mises distribution for testing non-uniformity of angles of line segments spread on the two dimensional plane, which has relatively high performance even for small samples as the extension of Vtest to half circle. Recently, the source of disasters should be investigated statistically for the view of anti-disaster. We illuminate the performance of this test statistic by conducting simulation studies and also apply to angular data of active faults in Japan. Finally, we proposed a new non-hierarchical clustering method based on angular dispersions.
angular data, Rayleigh test, LM test, von Mises distribution, k-means.
IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 43 Issue 2, Pages 192-197. Jul. 2016